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Bizarre Image Snapped up by Web Casino 2006-06-05
The online casino GoldenPalace has placed the winning bid on the bizarre image of an aliens head inside a ducks stomach.
The image was made when a sick duck was bought into a rescue center. The duck was x-rayed and what emerged was truly bizarre. It appeared that inside the ducks stomach was the image of an alien's head staring out. It has since transpired that the image was just an odd arrangement of grain in the animals intestine.
What is even stranger than the image is the fact that somebody paid $9,600 for it! is well known for making outlandish and amusing purchases to send on a world tour. The same casino bought a 10 year old cheese sandwich with the 'image' of the Virgin Mary's head on it for $28,000, and Britney Spears's used water bottle for $495.
This isn't the first purchase connected with Martians and outer space. The internet company paid a whopping $25,000 for a kidney stone passed by William Shatner.
(By Suki)

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