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Website Attacks Harrah's Entertainment Group 2006-06-14
A group who oppose the proposed planning of a casino complex in West Warwick, Rhode Island have launched their own website, attacking Harrah's Entertainment Group.
The group launched the website out of necessity when it became apparent that they were no match for the gaming giants, in terms of publicity.
The anti casino website was created by a volunteer and shows on the home page, a picture of one of the homes in the neighborhood next to the industrial site, that Harrah's is planning to build the complex on. Harrah's propose to build a casino, hotel and multi storey car park.
The anti casino group who call themselves West Warwick Citizens Against the Casino works in conjunction with other anti casino organizations across the nation. According to the group, Harrah's will legally be turned down permission to build as the complex will create too much traffic for the area to handle.
There is also a problem of a water shortage at the proposed location and the group feel that building this complex will jeopardise what water remains for new developments.
(By Suki)

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