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Casinos to Bring Gamblers on the Train 2006-06-20
Casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey have joined forces in an attempt to attract more people to the city.
Casinos put their heads together and came up with a plan that will create a direct train service between New York and Atlantic City.
The planned express service will take two and a half hours and will run between Penn Station and Atlantic City. The service will only run on the weekends from Friday to Sunday and will commence next year.
The Transit Board in New Jersey approved the plan for the three year trial on Monday.
The majority of the project will be funded by Harrah's Casino, Caesars and Borgata.
This train service will be a welcome to many travellers who have been put off travelling by the rising fuel prices and hopefully a boost to the casinos trade, that has noticed a steady decline since the rise in fuel prices.
(By Cindy)

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