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Video Poker Slot Machines May be Banned in Massachusetts 2006-06-18
Following a recent trend of raids in slot machine parlours, a meeting has been held in City Hall, Holyoke, Massachusetts between the License Commission and State Police. Following the meeting, it is expected that permits will no longer be issued for video poker slot machines.
License Commission Chairman Thomas N. Wilson speculated that the commission will more than likely ban video poker slot machines believed to be illegal.
Those who are familiar with the workings of video poker slot machines commented that it is difficult to impose a ban due to the technicality of the machines. Illegality can only be established if the machine is physically taken apart and inspected for extra meters that allow illegal payouts.
The current law in place only applies to the old fashioned poker machines that have rigged mechanical wheels, not the newer, more sophisticated digital ones in use since the early 1990's.
(By Suki)

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