What is the FirePay?

The FirePay option behaves like a debit or credit card. It is simple to use, just deposit the chosen amount into the account. Once the deposit is made, the player can use the account when needed. After registration, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the email the player is using. It is a bank statement through the email.

FirePay has email, and telephone support 24/7. Firepay is an instant system for player usage. The registration email should correspond with the one in current use for quick results.

Opening An Account

To open an account go to the FirePay website, with the same name. Once the page is opened, fill in the details. After all the information is registered, it will be saved for the player’s usage only.

How to Put Funds In?

Funds from bank accounts or via ACH (E-Checks) can be used for all Firepay accounts. Only U.S. bank accounts can be used for Firepay accounts. FirePay will test the account by putting in a test deposit there. The player is suggested to log off, and sign back in order to view the change.

* While the change can be viewed right away through the email, test deposits may take up to 2-3 business days to show up in a player’s bank account.

Making a Deposit

Deposits may take seconds to minutes, like a credit card to process. After the deposits are completed, the player will get a 16-digit FirePay account number for use. When the player decides to play, he will receive 10% bonus for it.

*Casinos such as Carnival Casinos, Monaco Gold, Club Dice Casino, USA Casino and New York Casino have the FirePay option with a 10% cash bonus on play deposits.
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