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Compulsive Gamblers to be Weeded out with ID Checks 2006-06-25
Gaming Regulators in Illinois announced last week that they are bringing in new measures to help keep gambling addicts from feeding their habits and to stop underage gambling.
The law will require all of Illinois nine casinos, from August 19th, to check patrons ID cards on entry to the casinos of all patrons who look 31 and younger. The IDs will be swiped in a machine that will read their details and verify that the information is correct.
The machines checking the information will be hooked up to a database with the Gaming Board and the information will be correlated with the boards self ban program that will alert the casino if that gambler has problems.
Over 3,600 gamblers have signed up to the self ban program since its commencement in 2002 and approximately 330 of this number are under the age of 31. The legal age to gamble in a casino in the U.S. is 21 so the program is a good method to catch underage gamblers.
It will be left up to managers' discretion as to whether the banned addict should be prosecuted for trespassing.
(By Cindy)

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